HOW TO WRITE AN AUTHOR BIO between 100 and 200 Words (January 2016)

by Veronika Guttenberger

  • The Title is [your name].
  • Write in 3rd person to distance yourself. Embrace all the facets of your personality.  Think like a marketing person — and write it like an author.
  • Your bio should be written in the style and tone of the book: a light and humorous story should lean towards a light and humorous bio. When the tone of the bio matches the tone of the book, it informs the reader of the type of work they will be reading.
  • Make yourself sound professional and interesting
  • Connect with the reader. Be humble but stand apart. There is a fine line between self-aggrandizement and humility.


  1. Start with your Greatest Writing Achievement:
    • small press publications
    • Little Literary Magazine publications
    • contest prizes
    • published local newspaper articles
    • published books, even if they are nonfiction
  1. Next, Your Education:
  • Have you attended writing workshops and writers’ conferences
  • Your formal education (i.e., earned degrees, universities attended, etc.).
  1. Pair your Professional Stuff with your Interesting Stuff:
  • Is there something UNUSUAL about you? (Do you collect paperclips?)
  • What makes you UNIQUE? (Were you born on the Moon?)
  • Do you have any QUIRKS? (Are you a ventriloquist?)
  1. Get online with social media. Where can your readers find you? Include this:
  • Start a blog
  • Get a Twitter handle
  • Get a Facebook thing
  • Get a website. Your website should contain your author bio.
  • Create an email address specifically for fan email.
  • There’s also LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+


The more accomplished the author, the shorter the bio. For example, Stephen King uses 25 words; an unknown writer uses more like 125 words.