By Lucy Ginorio

My problem is epistemological.
Do I criticize or do I critique?
My 1956 Webster’s paints criticism
With a mean brush in dark colors
Calling it judgment and censure.
Dirty words in a free society, let alone a literary circle.
But wait, the lexicographer creates a second avenue of meaning,
‘Criticism is the art of judging with knowledge and propriety
The beauties and faults of works of art or literature…’
Criticizing my fellow creators, composers is correct, if,
If my words spring appropriately,
With my eyes intent on art.
So why not criticize; no, no, you say, critique.
But Mr. W speaks once again.
Stating ‘critique is the art of criticism.’
Without criticism there is no critique.
Those French, those French they say what we say
But they say it with class.